A heatsink works by removing by dissipating heat energy. Heatsinks must remain at lower temperature than the heat source it is trying to cool.

Three simple function describe the job of a heatsink:

1) Absorption- Absorb the heat from the heat source into the heatsink.

2) Transfer- Heat is transfered from the heated area to the cooler fins of the heatsink

3) Dissipate- Remove the heat from the heatsink into the surrounding atmosphere.

Uvox can offer a range of heat sinks to suit your design criteria, including ultra-high ration extrusions, skived fin heatsinks, bonded fins, folded fins and stacked fin heatsinks. We can manufacture any of the heatsinks mentioned above to suit your design, giving you a truly bespoke heatsink to fit your build. A range of low-noise fans are available.

  • Heatsink/Heatpipe Combination

    Our heatpipe assemblies offer a truly unique improvement to thermal management over a standard heatsink setup. By introducing a heatpipe into an assembly you can remove energy away from the heat source more effectively. A heatpipe contains a drop of water in vacuum. This evaporates at the heat source and then condenses at the other end of the pipe.

  • Folded Fin Heatsink

    Uvox Folded Fin heatsinks provide high convective cooling surface area for minimal volume. Key features of Folded Fin heatsinks include its lightweight construction, maximising thermal surface area whilst minimising material usage. Material combination such as aluminium fins on a copper base can be achieved, providing custom heatsinks to suit your design and thermal requirements.

  • Skived Fin Heatsink

    Skived Fin heatsinks are made by “shaving” thin layers of metal and then bending the layers upwards. This construction method means that there is no join between the base and fins. Skived fin heatsinks give a very high ratio of fins to surface and allows for very thin fins, down to 0.2mm thick. These heatsinks usually have relatively low tooling costs making them a cost effective alternative. If extra thermal performance is needed then heatpipes can be introduced into the design.

  • Bonded Fin Heatsinks

    Bonded Fin heatsinks are a cost effective, highly efficient and reliable way of thermal management in high power and densely packed situations. These heatsinks are ideal for when tall, high density fins are needed, when simple extrusions are simply not up to the job.
    Our heatsinks are brazed, soldered or secured in place using a thermally conductive epoxy. Base materials can differ from fin material to optimise thermal performance. They allow the heatsink to take on a greater number of designs to suit your design needs.

  • Extruded Fin Heatsinks

    Extruded Fin heatsinks give a wider variety of natural convection solutions for high power components. By manufacturing heatsinks in this way we are able to produce very complex fin structure. Greater heat dissipation can be achieved with complex fin profiles. Compared to machining an equivalent design from a solid block, extrusions are very cost effective.