Conductive Coating

Conductive Coating is an excellent way to provide EMI Shielding to plastic enclosures. As a secondary process it provides a means to add coating later in production, allows rapid prototypes to be shielded and can provide varying performance dependent on requirement.

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Broad Capability

We understand much more than EMC and provide a broad range of capabilities suited to many areas of electronics manufacture.

  • EMI Shielding

    Uvox Ltd deliver a trusted and innovative approach for Electromagnetic Compliance – from simple grounding to precise military and medical applications.

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  • Thermal Interface Material

    Offering a range of thermally conductive interface materials. Sourcing from a range of manufacturers we provide an optimum solution considering performance, handleability and cost.

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  • Thermal Management

    Working with design engineers we provide bespoke thermal assemblies comprising heatsink, heat dissipation, interface material, and mechanical fixtures. We can incorporate heatpipes, vapour chambers and spreaders where required.

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  • Environmental Protection

    We supply bespoke products that offer high levels of Ingress Protection (IP67+). Often utilising materials for harsh environments where temperature and solvent resistance is critical.

  • Electronic Components

    Uvox Ltd can provide bespoke electronic and electromechanical components suited to a wide range of applications.


We offer a range of services complementing our standard catalogue.

  • Conductive Coating

    Conductive Coating is an excellent way to provide EMI Shielding to plastic enclosures.

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  • Cutting/Conversion

    As well as being a leading supplier of EMC, Thermal Interface and Environmental Protection materials, we offer cutting services for your materials. This is a bespoke service providing fast delivery and competitive pricing.

  • Design Advice & Guidance

    We offer assistance when specifying materials or components to fit any price-range or performance criteria. We have an extended network of products and specifications available giving us the freedom to offer alternative materials based on cost, availability or obsolescence.

  • Sub-Assembly

    We producce sub-assemblies incorporating processes performed by ourselves, to achieve reduced lead-times and cost-savings. We are fully equipped to provide electro-mechanical assembly and box build-up.

  • Procurement

    We enable our customers to procure with confidence. By utilising a large, trusted network we offer our customers significant savings from single-sourcing.

Global Supply

Providing a service which enables our valued customers to purchase stock items conveniently, reliably and economically

Providing excellent service through one of the most trusted distributors in the world; RS Components.


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