EMC Shielding Products

  • Beryllium-Copper Fingerstrip

    Beryllium-Copper Fingerstrip is an alternative to other forms of RFI/EMI Shielding in applications where an environmental seal is not required.

  • Carbon Sheet – Reinforced

    Uvox Reinforced Carbon Sheet consists of compressed graphite with a nickel-reinforcing layer. It is highly conductive, making it ideal as an EMI Shielding gasket. Available thickness ranges from 0.4 mm to 2.0 mm.

  • Carbon Silicone Gasket Materials

    Uvox Carbon Silicone Gasket Materials are economical shielding materials for commercial applications. Electromagnetic shielding is achieved by signal absorption rather than by grounding.

  • Conductive Elastomers

    Conductive elastomers offer excellent shielding and environmental sealing performance and can be extruded, moulded or cut into various shapes and sizes.

  • Conductive Foam

    Electrically-Conductive Foam (ECF) is a modified Polyurethane foam with a Polyester mesh backing and coated with Copper/Nickel. ECF can be used for many applications requiring protection to IP50.

  • precision Cut Conductive Foam

    Conductive Foam 3

    Uvox Series 3 Electro-Conductive Foam (ECF3) is an alternative to our standard ECF through-conductive foam.

  • Conductive Shielding Tape

    Uvox Conductive Shielding Tape is a metallic foil supplied with an electrically-conductive pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side, making it suitable for many grounding and EMC applications

  • Elastomer-Core Mesh

    Elastomer Core Mesh Gaskets are part of our Knitted-Wire Mesh Gasket range. The wire-mesh layers provide EMI/RFI shielding while the elastomer core acts as a conformable dust seal.

  • EMC Flexible Conductive Cable Sheath

    Uvox EMC Flexible Conductive Cable Sheath consists of silver-plated nylon braid which is suitable for cable shielding. Maximum effectiveness is achieved by using suitable grounding, such as EMC cable glands, at both ends.

  • Fabric-Over-Foam

    Uvox conductive Fabric-Over-Foam (FOF) gaskets can be used for EMI sealing of gaps in enclosures such as castings, pressed metal enclosures, electronic cabinets and conductive coated plastics.

  • Form-in-Place

    Form-in-Place Gasket

    Form-in-Place Gaskets provide excellent environmental and EMC capabilities with ease of handling and lower lifetime costs.

  • Insulated Earth Straps

    Insulated Earth Straps are designed to provide a low impedance path for EMI-generated currents. Flexible and easy to fit, they provide a low cost means of reducing EMC problems associated with conventional earth straps.

  • Knitted-Wire Mesh

    Knitted Wire Mesh (KWM) gaskets utilises metal wires which are knitted and formed into a number of cross-sections. This method yields an economical and reliable gasket suitable for a wide range of shielding applications.

  • Shielded Windows

    Shielded Windows provide full EMI Shielding while maintaining excellent light transmission. They constructed from a polycarbonate plastic with embedded wires and are fabricated to customer requirements.

  • Wire-Mesh Combination

    Wire-Mesh Combination offers benefits from both regular environmental sealing, as well as the performance of Knitted-Wire or Elastomer-Core Mesh.

  • Wires-in-Silicone

    Wires-In-Silicone combines an excellent environmental sealing, up to IP65, with anisotropic electrical conduction - perpendicular to the gasket mating faces. It can be supplied in sheet or pre-fabricated into gaskets.

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