Thermal Management Products

  • Board-level Heatsinks

    We can provide a number of standard board-level heatsinks as well as bespoke solutions if required.

  • eSip Clips

    eSip clips are a great alternative for transistor mounting hardware.

  • Extruded Heatsinks

    We offer a number of standard extrusions as well as the ability extrude custom profiles. These can be machined and assembled as required.

  • Graphite Sheet

    Our Carbon Matrix-20 compressed-graphite sheet has excellent thermal conductivity at exceptional value, and can be cut to suit any application.

  • Heatpipes

    Heatpipes provide excellent thermal performance by rapidly transferring heat away from sensitive equipment.

  • Heatsink Assemblies

    Uvox provide bespoke assemblies combining heatpipes, spreader plates, heatsinks, fans, and fixtures and fittings suitable for high-power electronics.

  • High-Ratio Heatsinks

    Utilising bonded- or skived-fin techniques it's possible to produce heatsinks with much higher fin length ratios for demanding applications.

  • Silicone Thermal Tubes

    Silicone Thermal Tubes

    Silicone Thermal Tubes provide an effective interface material as well as meeting creep and clearance requirements.

  • Thermal Interface Materials

    Uvox can convert a wide range of stocked Thermal Interface Materials in both standard profiles and custom pad layouts.

  • Transistor Mounting Clip

    Uvox Transistor Mounting Clips offer a low cost and fast method of mounting plastic case transistors.

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